Shobhana Radhakrishna

Shobhana Raadhakrishna inherited her commitment from her father Late K. S. Radhakrishna. Her commitment as a social activist led her to dedicate her life to the cause of serving the underprivileged in obtaining peace, justice, dignity, gender equity and self-reliance.

Shobhana Radhakrishna’s cherished aim is to reintroduce Mahatma Gandhi to the people of India as well those abroad. Mahatma Gandhi’s thought and principles can guide the people as it has the strength to inspire and bring about change.

Imbibing Gandhiji’s values as she grew up in his ashram in Sevagram in Wardha, Shobhana’s focal point is the Gandhian way of life and serving humanity. She believes that the Mahatma inspired many and gave strength to bring about change. In an era where the moral compass is being compromised in the name of progress and pragmatism, her lectures and training programs have highlighted the relevance of ethics and values, as well as the great heights one can achieve with Mahatma Gandhi serving as the role model for transformational leadership, sustainable development and lessons of personal growth.

Her lecture on Mahatma Gandhi and its relevance attempts to provide some principles, ideas and alternatives that can help us in our personal quest for greater substance and also help address the pressing social and ecological challenges of our times. These lessons gleaned from Mahatma Gandhi’s life, offer us invaluable advice on leading an enlightened life-a more meaningful, self-aware, socially responsible and saner life.

She is the Chief Functionary of the ‘Gandhian Forum for Ethical Corporate Governance’ formed by the ‘Standing Conference of Public Enterprises’ (SCOPE) for promoting ethical business practices, organizational integrity in Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) of the Government of India.The Forum aims to promote ethical business practices, organizational integrity and social responsibility in the public, private and manufacturing sectors.

She has travelled internationally and given talks in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Taiwan, Tunisia, China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia on transformational leadership, international peace, universal values and non-violence. She has visited Japan four times to deliver thirty four lectures in universities and local institutions. She has also spoken at UN-ESCAP at Bangkok andASEAN Secretariat at Jakarta.

She has over 35 years of experience in social work in development projects in different parts of India. Her background of Gandhian constructive work and Sarvodaya for development and welfare of underprivileged communities has led her to dedicate her life to the cause of serving the poor in obtaining gender equity and self-reliance, peace, justice and dignity.

She was given the ‘Eminent Citizen’ recognition for the Ministry of Rural Development, Governmentof India. She is the governing body member of the ‘Mahila Samakhya’ program of Government ofBihar and of the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ program of the Government of Tripura. She is an advisory committee member of the National Coalition on Education, India. She is the Chairperson of voluntary agencies DISHA and Uttaranchal Development Institute.

She is trained as a performing artist in the classical dance forms of Bharat Natyam and Odissi under renowned Gurus- Shri K.J. Govindarajan, Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, Smt. M.K. Saroja and Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra and performed professionally in India and USA. She has promoted traditional and contemporary puppet theater and trained puppeteers in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi to perform and disseminated the messages of Mahatma Gandhi. She specializes in spinning, weaving, dancing, dramatics, Gandhian philosophy, constructive programs, Nayee Talim and peace education.